Thursday, 14 December 2017


January Image…

Like January winds whip white spume
From an irritable tide,
Snow drifts across a sullen quay;
It dabs its powdery essence into
A thin lining across an incongruous bench;
But on such a day, there is but little to see…

A rusting upright reaches high
To offer some kind of rudimentary light,
Dwarfing a tarnished, rope-scarred mooring post;
Abject life-rings hang, unused and forgotten,
A vacant iron ring awaits a returning vessel
From its harrowing fishing trip along the coast… 

White surf taunts an ancient slipway,
Tiny windows leave stout walls to take
The buffeting of winter’s stormy gales;
Slim portals, their paint sorely peeled
From constant use and cruel weathering,
Shudder and creak as the cold squall wails…

A drenched, sturdy quayside ladder
Guides one’s gaze into a squabbling surf,
Angry at the inconvenience
Of barriers and obstacles and intrusions
Prompted by the fisherfolk, the sea harvesters,
Who to often suffer and pay a terrible penance…

Pete Ray
December 2017

The January image from Kirsty Elson’s 2018 calendar…


The Carving At Zennor

A wide chair lay inside the church, 
Carved in antiquity 
And at one end, a carpenter had depicted
A mermaid, her scales cascading 
From below her voluptuous hips,
In all her sanctity,
To reach fins at the edge of her tail…

She is holding a comb and a mirror,
Her face has been scored and damaged;
Another scar crosses her breasts it appears,
For Morveren through time has been ravaged…

A comb lies in one shell-like hand,
A mirror perhaps reflects her vanity
With a carved fish forming a handle;
The mermaid, her long hair cascading
Almost down to her thighs,
Is revered in antiquity
For her part in a legendary folk tale…   

Pete Ray
December 2017 

Zennor’s St Senara’s Church, Cornwall.
It is thought that the 15th-16th Century carving was based upon Aphrodite, the goddess of love in antiquity, who originally held a comb and a quince, or love apple…

So many visitors have touched, smoothed and paid homage to Morveren, whose story can be found elsewhere, that the wood gleams like when my mum polished her furniture so regularly when I was a lad...  


Wednesday, 13 December 2017

MOUSEHOLE, CORNWALL: a new poem...

To Please the Eye and Appease the Mind

The stark sea-wall is just that: 
It aims not to please the eye
But to have a profound effect upon the lashing sea
Of winter’s grey-green whip.

The dark boulders are just that:
They aim not to appease the mind
But to cause an effect upon the crashing sea
Of December’s lead-grey rip…

Yet still a Rock Pipit flits,
And a Wagtail performs an undulating flight
To please the eye
And to impress;

Still the Turnstone’s busy beak digs
And an Oystercatcher probes, almost out of sight
To appease the mind
And its distress…

Pete Ray

Along the walkway from Mousehole, towards the Penlee Lifeboat Station…

Monday, 11 December 2017


Bedworth Nursing Cup Semi-Final, 1st Leg:

AFC Binley 4-1 Bulkington Sports and Social...

Bulkington got the game underway and showed straight away why they are doing well in Alliance 1.

They gave us no time or space to settle into the game but played some attractive football, especially down their left hand side.

Bulkington took a deserved lead in the 21st minute when a long ball from their defence found a forward in a bit of space and his shot went in off a post: 0-1.

In the 28th minute we had our first attack and our first shot of the game when Tyler Morgan and Travis Smallwood linked up well with Tyler Morgan, forcing a save from the Bulkington goalkeeper.

Bulkington continued attacking, hit a post in the 32 minute and finished the half as they began it: on top.

Half-time: 0-1...

We got the 2nd half underway but Bulkington had another chance and again struck a post.

In the 57th minute we had our best opportunity of the game to date, when Fabian Spence was through one-on-one but the Bulkington goalkeeper saved the shot with his legs.

In the 59th minute Travis Smallwood was replaced by Paul Govier.

His introduction changed the game in our favour and in the 63rd minute it was his flick which found Tyler Morgan, whose shot gave the Bulkington goalkeeper no chance: 1-1.

Bulkington responded straight away when a free header brought a full-length save from Ryan Oldham to keep the score level.

In the 71st minute Kyle Metcalfe was replaced by Reece Simpson.

Another opportunity came our way as we started for the first time to get into this game, however Fabian Spence again missed when through on goal one-on-one, this time putting his shot wide of a post.

Then Reece Simpson played a one-two with Paul Govier and his shot beat the Bulkington goalkeeper at his near post: 2-1.

Tyler Morgan was replaced by Tobi Ojutalayo and with the game now end to end, Reece Simpson again found Paul Govier with a pass but his shot hit a post, Andrew Godfrey followed up but his shot hit the other post and Paul Govier was not going to miss the rebound: 3-1.
In the 82 minute Tobi Ojutalayo was sent off for swearing....

In the 87th Paul Govier shot from outside the box, found the top corner of the net and completed his hat-trick: 4-1....

Full-time: 4-1....

In summing up this game:

Bulkington were in total charge of this game for almost an hour but didn't take their chances when on top. They played the better football and didn't let us get into the game until the later stages.
 The lads dug in though and kept us in this game whilst only 0-1 down.
The game became a little bit more open and the lads just grew stronger as the match went on and the substitutes, all in their own ways, contributed well.

We took our chances late on and the scoreline definitely flattered us over 90 minutes but I'm not complaining...

So at the half-way stage in this tie we still have a lot to do and need to improve on this performance.

As it was pointed out to us as we left the pitch, we still have to go to Bulkington and we will get 'spanked'...

This maybe the case but I know me and my lads will try our best to make sure that it doesn't happen and if it does, then well done to Bulkington.

We weren't at our best today but the lads showed a lot of spirit, heart and fight to stay in this game.

The 2nd leg is in early January so we can forget about this for now and turn our attention back to league action.

Up next for us is a home game against Triumph Athletic Reserves.

Edwin Greaves, manager, 
AFC Binley...