Monday, 1 May 2017


Alone Again At Mawgan Porth

It really was a long way. 
Light rain even fell upon my head
As I trod the harder and flat sandy waste 
Towards a tossing, tumultuous tide
But I would not hesitate
And I quickened my tread, 
To reach the impetus, the power source
For the first fast and delicious ride. 

It really was deserted, I was alone.
Dull skies glowered overhead
As I splashed the shallows in my haste
Towards a rearing, rumbustious roar
But I could not hesitate
And I plunged my board,
To take the thrust, the ocean’s energy
For a thrilling race towards the shore… 

It really was some momentum.
Spray cascaded above my head
As I held on to a salty taste
Towards the friction of board on sand 
But I dared not hesitate
And I returned in awe
To take more of the same, that natural force
For projecting me from sea to land…  

Pete Ray
May 1st 2017

Again, really good rides, a few times with four waves breaking beneath me, one after the other… 


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