Saturday, 27 May 2017



Polruan’s Buoys & Boats…

Polruan has been scrubbed clean of detritus.
No vehicles, no folks…
It lies quite dormant,
As infused blues encroach from the estuary:
The sky oozing, the pathways paling
And the saltwater creeping inside its sullen harbour,
A tide imminent…

A slipway has been embellished by patterned stone
And buoys hold vessels 
Fast, like kites,
As washing hangs discreetly between walls;
A ladder leans, a streetlight silhouettes
And driftwood paves the mud gold in a sullen harbour,
Its buildings contrite…

The sunlight has slapped amber on a pallid haven
And buoys wrestle nets, 
Ropes and tangled lines, 
As shabby doorways slump on white facades;
Gulls recede, roofs glimmer
And boats hunch, woodlice in a sullen harbour,
Like erratic signs… 

Pete Ray
May 27th 2017

Polruan in Cornwall, near Fowey, as depicted by Julie Adlard’s artwork…

The absence of humans or animals in her work is pleasing, despite the hints of washing, the barely represented gulls, plus the buoys, nets and boats… 

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