Thursday, 4 May 2017


Ramses Monumental At Mawgan Porth

Carved into the searing cliffside stone,
His colossal profile is unmistakeable,
His weathered features silhouetted against the sunset-
Ramses, with his ethereal gaze quite inscrutable,
Defies, craggy and alone;
Monumental, statuesque, rising from the sand,
His god-like expression is eternal but implacable;
And watchful, he towers over the incoming tide-
A sentinel, a deity, his presence quite irrefutable… 

Pete Ray
May 2017

Looking across Mawgan Porth beach towards Bre Pen, the west cliff, I could make out what appeared to be a colossal sculpture of the face of Ramses II from ancient Egypt, looking out to sea…   

He seemed to be guarding the entrance, not to a temple, or a tomb, but to the magical beach that is Mawgan Porth… 

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