Monday, 1 May 2017


Wooden Handbag?

Seemed like a natty little box,
Wooden, with a handle of worn metal;
Yet although labelled as ‘tribal’ and Indian
And was simply described as a ‘handbag’ but
Actually it looked more like a kettle…

Following considered investigations,
The container turned out to be more
For the use of holy oils,
Not as the labelled ‘handbag’, or
A vintage field telephone, from what I first saw…

Castor oil enhanced charisma,
Mohua oil helped with spirituality,
Gingelly oil brought mental and physical harmony,
Cocoanut oil meant a peaceful, blissful life
And Rice Bran oil offered health, life and prosperity…

Pete Ray
April 2017

Bought in a shop in Chipping Campden, this artefact was apparently once used for ‘pooja oil’, which was a concoction of the above oils, I believe…

Still looks like a field telephone or a kettle to me though…

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